Prototypes are parts made from aluminium. The look and their functionality comes very close to the die- and chill casting.

These are made and cast in cold resin sand and the Cold-Box Core Casting process.

They have the same mechanical propertys as the die- and chill casting.

The form always conists of the top part, the bottom part and one part of multiple cores. Later all these parts are going to get assembled. These are called core-packets.

The surface is very fine and we can build very complex parts with it.

Herewith thin pipes, undercut and fine geometrys can be displayed.

You can pre-cast drill holes and lining grooves to save the further process step.

Those prototypes save money and time for the future production of standard mold, because you can integrate the idea at this process.

  • Cheaper than a standard mold

  • Fast and cheaper modification compared to a standard mold

  • Suited for muster, zero series and small series.

  • High freedom in the construction

  • Simple and fast modification of the form are possible

  • Draft angles up to 0,5°

  • Parts with thin walls and from time to time 2mm wall thickness can be cast

  • We have a sourface roughness from RZ 20-25.

  • The accuracy of the pourings lies from till 0,3mm

Prototyping parts are needed in different areas and get used for example in the automotive-,electricity- and commercial vehicle industry, racing, aerospace, mechanical engineering and underwater engineering.



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